In 2004 we started growing herb plantations, because we saw good opportunity for development of organic agriculture and, more specifically, growing medical plants in the region of Strandzha-Sakar.

Our aim was creating sustainable organic farm, producing high-quality organic plants.

In 2005 we were one of the first organically certified farms for herbs and spices in Bulgaria. Our farm is located on the bank of Tundzha river, in the “Ostrova (The Island)” district, with an area of 16 hectares.

In 2008 we started packaging herbal organic products under the brand name “TRONKA,” which we offer to our partners in Bulgaria and Europe.

The region of Strandzha-Sakar,  where the company operates, is one of the most ecologically preserved areas.

The preserved nature (in our area) and the hard-working village people inspired us to create the products with the brand name “TRONKA”.

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