The legend says: When tsar Petar travelled to Constantinople, passing through the Strandzha-Sakar area, he was impressed by the beauty of the local girls. Soon after that а rumor spread that the tsar, being impressed by the beauty of the women from that area, used to say that they were worthy to adorn the throne. Since then the name “Tronki” has been used.

TRONKI is the name given to the residents of Yambol area down south of the ERKESIYA (A border trench between Bulgaria and Byzantine Empire preserved to nowadays, starting from the Black Sea and reaching the White Sea).

This is Zagore area, given to Khan Tervel by Justinian II surnamed the Rhinotmetos. Subsequently the lands down south of the ERKESIYA pass into the territory of the Bulgarian state and the Bulgarian khans. Then the tsars tell the residents: “You will not pay taxes to the tsar, you are people of the throne and you are required, in case of threat from the south, and the threat was coming mainly from there, to fight and hold the enemies until the main Bulgarian troops from the north arrive. That is why the women from our area as tsar`s people started wearing the so-called throne crowns and veils on their heads and on their pinafores they sewed the socalled PERALKI – similar to the uniforms of the Roman commanders.

It is believed that from this area strong, brave and fearless men were taken for warriors in the Trojan War. Many of them did not return and those who returned were called Trojans and Tronki.

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